Big Business Network Inc.


Welcome to the website of the Big Business Network!  We are very excited to host our program at the Anthony D. Perkins Community Center in Dorchester, MA! This location is perfect for us as we have begun to develop a consistent student body and have expanded our curriculum to ensure students reach their maximum potential.  Each session is an 10 week program which takes place on Saturdays from 9:30am - 1:30pm.  Here, students develop and enhance their computer literacy as they begin to learn the fundamentals of business, investing, and basketball.  Lunch is an available option for all students because we believe food is essential to both intellectual and physical growth.  Come check us out!
"If a good kid is given the choice of two options, one good and the other bad, I believe the child will choose the good option.  Many of the children who grow up and live in underprivileged areas do not have the luxury of one of their options being a good one.  They are usually faced with a similar scenario except both options are not so good.  Although not always this extreme, children have to make independent decisions on a daily basis.  Let's give them better options so they can actually compete in the game of life."

-Kendric Price, President