Big Business Network Inc.


Our mission at the Big Business Network is to inspire self motivation within the youth of underprivileged communities.  We will achieve this goal by teaching them the fundamentals of business and investing as well as the fundamentals of basketball.  Business, investing, and basketball are concepts that many young people are aware of but don't have any actual fundamental knowledge of.  We believe by empowering them with the basic skills needed to understand these concepts it will spark their interest and encourage them to want to go above and beyond their prior expectations. 

It is a common misconception in underprivileged communities that the only ways to succeed are through sports, entertainment, and lucrative illegal activity.  With this ideology in place, young people are playing a loser's game when they don't have to.  We strive to expose the youth in our organization to many different opportunities which can be potentially lucrative avenues for them in the future.  The more positive options they are exposed to, the better chance they have to find something that ignites interest within them.  If the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, shouldn't they be people who are motivated by positivity and unity?  A strong network of positive motivated leaders is what we are building in the Big Business Network.